January 2021

Hi Folks,

Live concerts in 2020 after March came to a shuddering halt with the rapid spread of the deadly COVID virus. For me this meant cancelling tours of Canada, Germany and Australia as well as five folk festivals plus gigs in Scotland and England. In addition I cancelled a handful of gigs in the south of England scheduled for January 2021 and shelved plans for a Spring tour of the North East of the U.S.A.

All of these cancellations were made in the hopes that they could simply rescheduled for the same periods in 2021. But as we look forward on this new year it’s still uncertain when live concerts with audiences can resume, that’s to say concerts without social distancing.

      For musicians this has meant either no income or, at best, a little from virtual concerts on the internet. I have done several little performances online, not to make money but to maintain a profile, but without an audience it’s not a very satisfying experience. I have tried to be engaging but trying to charm a computer screen that gives no feedback is hard work.

            So, like everyone else in the world, I’m waiting for the time we can say goodbye to this virus, to a time we can hail strangers in the street without giving them a wide berth, and to a time we can confidently be in a crowd, whether in a restaurant, cinema or football match, and be together to act and behave like the social creatures we are. Till then, enjoy your music when you can and stay healthy in mind and body.


Cheers,   Alan 

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